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Introduction of the characteristics and storage methods of flax grinding wheel

created_at:2018-03-24 09:59:03

Flax grinding wheel is a high elastic polishing and grinding products, in real life has been widely used in stainless steel, copper, iron, alloy, glass, marble, stone, bamboo, wood, stone products and other industries ultra fine polishing, can greatly improve the surface roughness of the surface to be polished. Its heat is low, and it is not easy to burn the workpiece. In this period, we have arranged some features and safekeeping methods of the product. I hope you can bring you more knowledge.

Flax grinding wheelis made of high quality synthetic resin material. It has very good abrasion resistance and grinding force in real life. It can exclude abrasion debris to a certain extent and is not easy to fill up. It can work for a long time without leaving traces on the surface.

Under normal conditions, the flax grinding wheel should be placed in a dry environment, and the moisture prevention measures should be paid attention to during the preservation process. Do not open the packing in the case of no need. It is better to manage in a ventilated environment.

About the content of flax grinding wheelproduct knowledge, we will share it with you today. Later, we will continue to update more wonderful content for you. Welcome to continue to pay attention to our website.

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