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What are the considerations for the use of pneumatic tools

created_at:2018-04-26 11:47:05

The pneumatic tool is a tool used to output kinetic energy of the pneumatic motor with compressed air, which can be divided into rotary (eccentric movable blade) and reciprocating type according to its basic working way. The general pneumatic tool is mainly composed of the power output part, the operation form conversion part, the intake and exhaust part, the operation opening and stopping control part, the tool shell and so on. Let's take a look at the main points of the operation.

1. When placing the diamond dressing tool head to the holder, be careful not to hit the surface of the grinding wheel.

2, the single point diamond dressing tool can not be vertically aligned to the center of the grinding wheel, and generally needs to be tilted 10-15 degrees.

3, the heating tool should not be quenched. During dry trimming, the interval between two trimming must be maintained enough to cool the heating dressing tool.

4, it can not be assumed that the surface of the wheel has an ideal leveling. At the beginning of dressing, find out the location of the wheel and repair it.

5, if possible, every time the grinding wheel is removed, the radius of the wheel must not exceed 0.001 inches. Too much repair can cause premature wear and frequent breakage of diamond dressing tools.

Another point is that the overhaul and the fast lateral feed speed can not be selected in the rough trimming, and then the minor repair and the slow lateral feed speed are selected in the finishing process. This will soon damage diamond dressing tools. If possible,

It is recommended that the same transverse feed speed be chosen for rough finishing and finishing.

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