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What is the advantage of plastic button mini flap disc in Weifang

created_at:2017-11-06 11:01:37

Plastic cover blades are a plurality of emery cloth sheets glued to the tray arranged to form a fan-shaped superposition, the bond angle of each sanding cloth and the plane of the tray, the utility model can make the arrangement of emery cloth emery wheel grinding and polishing the workpiece when cutting angle to achieve the best, ensure the base material and matte sanding cloth wheel synchronous consumption, significantly increased the overall wear and grinding efficiency of flat abrasive wheel, prolongs the service life of the abrasive cloth wheel, grinding on the surface of metal and nonmetal materials.

A plastic button mini flap disc has the advantages of good flexibility, high efficiency, good heat dissipation, low noise, strong elasticity, tensile strength of high strength, good grinding effect, grinding speed, good effect, and low noise during grinding. It is suitable for the big metal parts factory and the machinery factory, etc., which is made of special materials and evenly distributed by fans, so as to ensure the best grinding effect and better meet the user's requirements.

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