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What is the performance of 60 fiberglass flap disc

created_at:2017-12-25 16:34:30

The main processing material of 60 fiberglass flap disc is glass fiber. It is an excellent inorganic non-metallic material, and has many kinds of advantages, such as good insulation, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.Good sex, high mechanical strength. It is a glass ball or waste glass as raw materials by high temperature melting, wire drawing, winding and weaving process manufacturing, glass fibre composite materialThe reinforced materials, electrical insulation materials and adiabatic insulation materials, circuit substrates and other fields of national economy.

(1) the tensile strength is high and the elongation is small.

(2) the elastic coefficient is high and the rigidity is good.

(3) large stretch and high tensile strength within the elastic limit, so the absorption of impact energy is great.

(4) inorganic fiber, not flammable, good chemical resistance.

(5) good processability and can be used as a product of different forms, such as strands, bundles, felt and weaving.

(6) scale stability and good heat resistance.

When glass fiber is used as reinforcing material for reinforced plastics, the biggest feature is large tensile strength. The tensile strength is 6.3 ~ 6.9 g/d under the standard condition, and the wetting state is 5.4 ~ 5.8.G/d. The density is 2.54. Good heat resistance, when the temperature is 300 C, it has no effect on the strength. Excellent electrical insulation, advanced electrical insulation materials, insulation materials and fire shielding Material Science.Generally it is only corroded by concentrated alkali, hydrofluoric acid and concentrated phosphoric acid.

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